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Annie Meyer's Mother Shares Pain of Daughter's Death and New-Found Closure

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After about five months of searching for Annie Meyer, her family from St. Peter has finally received some closure.

Pat Meyer says, "Annie was fun, she was a hard worker, she loved her job. We're all so sad about Annie but we're all so happy that they arrested Melissa."

Melissa Miller of Lakewood, Colorado was taken into custody Monday afternoon and charged with second degree murder.

Meyer's body was found in Park County, Colorado July 4th and her remains were identified July 8.

Pat Meyer says, "Everyone was elated. It was good news. I asked the detective, are you sure you have her and he said, yes we have enough evidence to take her into custody."

Pat says that Annie never mentioned Melissa until this past year when she was going to move in.

Pat Meyer says, "I have no idea why she would want to kill Annie."

Annie lived in Colorado for 30 years and had plans to come back and visit family in Minnesota for the 4th of July. She kept in contact with loved ones once a week.

Pat says, "She would call every Sunday. Sundays are very hard."

Heartbroken from the loss of daughter, she says support from family and friends has given her strength. Some questions about Annie's disappearance have been answered and she's able to celebrate her daughter's life.

Pat Meyer says, "I wish she was here, but we have lots of memories."

The Meyer family plans to travel back to Colorado for Melissa Miller's trial. A court date has not yet been set.