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Local Organization Helps Refugees Find Jobs

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Dozens of local business owners and immigrants in the community went to Mankato's Public Safety Center to learn a few things.

Nearly two decades ago, Muhamed Abdulkadir came to this country from Somalia and has had his struggles. "When you come here and everybody's expecting you to speak English, it's really difficult," Abdulkadir said.

Erin Anderson, a property manager from Lloyd Management, said they hope to make refugees' transitions easier. "The goal today is just to bring a lite to the problems that they're facing when they're trying to gain employment. Everyone needs a job to live, we all need a means of supporting ourselves, so our goal is to alert the community as to what services really are here," Anderson said.

The event helps refugees with writing resumes, preparing for interviews along with other tips when applying for jobs. The event is not only for refugees, but also for employers to make apparent that refugees need employment too.

According to the American Community Survey, between the years 2007 and 2011, Blue Earth County has two thousand three hundred and sixty–eight residents that were born out of the country.

Amina Salim was born in Somalia and came to Mankato when she was eleven years old and has taken full advantage of what the Mankato area has to offer. "Life has been great, I volunteer with Minnesota churches and then I worked with the public safety department and helped them to understand and know how refugees can connect with the community and find a place for them to live," Salim said. "It's been wonderful with them to work and just getting that education."

And that's not all she's doing. "I also work at Plato's Closet part–time and I go to South Central College and I graduated from Mankato east in 2011. I'm glad to be here, I'm happy being here," Salim said.

Then next Mankato Area Refugee Consortium is being planned for this October.