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Area Residents Cope with High Heat and Humidity

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If you spent any time outside on Wednesday, you're well aware of how easy it is to break a sweat with temperatures like they are.

Along with the high mercury is high humidity. And when it comes to staying hydrated, drinking enough fluids makes all the difference. But it's what you drink and what you avoid taking in that especially matters.

Making a splash was the perfect way for many youngsters to beat the heat at Hiniker Pond in Mankato. But for those working under the hot sun, such as construction workers, it's a different story, and a lot of water drinking.
"At least a gallon probably if you're doing it right, otherwise you'll get cramps," said Hayden Schauer of North Mankato.
And area medical staff have also been seeing patients who got too much heat.
"We already have people coming in and needing some IV rehydration from us," said Dr. Ruth Bolton of Mayo Clinic Health System.
But some say they don't seem to mind the temperatures all that much.
"I'm not wearing a shirt, but it's probably close to 90 or a little above 90 right now, but it's not too bad," said Adam Schwartz of Mankato.
And some out-of-state residents say Wednesday's Mankato weather is their normal summer.
"We presently live in the Ozark areas of Missouri--almost in the central part of the state, and this weather here right now is what we are used to," said Robert Buttke, who lives in the State of Missouri.
When it comes to temperatures like these, doctors recommend drinking a significant amount of both water and sports drinks as a way to stay adequately hydrated. And health experts say, you need to be especially careful around alcoholic and caffeinated beverages.
"Caffeine and alcohol are the tough ones, everybody wants to go out and have a couple beers if they're hot and that type of thing, and they're both diuretics, so they actually pull fluid from you and dehydrate you," said Bolton.
Doctors recommend drinking enough fluid before you venture outdoors in this kind of heat.