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Unemployment Rate Drops in Mankato, Statewide

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The Mankato area added 400 jobs in June, helping Minnesota's unemployment rate continue its downward trend.

The Department of Employment and Economic Development says the rate dropped to 5.2 percent for June.

That's a tenth of a percent lower from where it was in May.

Locally, in the Mankato MSA, the report shows a .8 percent increase in jobs over the same time last year.

That actually reflects a bit of a slowdown for Mankato from even better job growth numbers earlier this year.

But Greater Mankato Growth Business Resource Development Manager John Considine said the MSA  is growing in an important area: manufactured goods.

"We're in fact leading the state among MSAs in terms of year over year job growth, so we're doing fantastic in 2013 there. Also on the service providing side of things, we're doing great things there, we're actually setting personal records."

Minnesota's economy is consistently outperforming that of the U.S., which in May had a 7.6 percent unemployment rate.

Minnesota has now regained 95 percent of the jobs lost during the recession.