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Nicollet Property Leads to Charges, Debate

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Some residents in Nicollet are concerned about what they call their next door neighbor's loud noise and junk in the yard but the home owners says they have complied with the city.

According to the city of Nicollet any person convicted of violating any provisions of a city ordinance could be found guilty of a misdemeanor.
David Holcomb says, "We take a lot of pride in our home and our property and just living in a small town and having the nice quiet nature of being in a small town."

David Holcomb lives across the street from the Stoecker's who participate in demolition derbies.

Holcomb says, "Everyone is entitled to a hobby. We get that, but it has been a little excessive. There's a lot of noise, there's a lot of junk around, there's a lot of cars and trucks."

Rebecca Stoecker says, "We haven't had any noise complaints."

Rebecca Stoecker and her husband have lived at the property stirring debate for five years. She says they have complied with the city by working on their demo cars in their garage and turning their garden into a gravel pad to store their other vehicles.

Stoecker says, "I think they are going a little overboard and if they have a problem come talk to us. There has been no communication in two years."

Holcomb says while the loud noise is no longer taking place at 1am there is still room for improvement.

Holcomb says, "It hasn't been the way we would like it to be. It grossly disturbs everyone in the neighborhood. There are loud engines in the middle of the night... the pounding and the grinding and welding."

Stoecker says, "We're not loud. We do respect of our neighbors. But it it's a lot more irritating because if the neighbor has such a problem with it why he didn't just come talk to us about it instead of running off like a child to the city. We're grown up and we should be able to communicate like grown-ups."

The city clerk and the mayor were unavailable to comment on this issue that so far is two neighbors, two sides.

Nicollet City Attorney Don Lannoye was asked by the city to file a complaint because the city says a nuisance ordinance has been violated. He did not want to comment since it's a pending criminal matter but says he expect to file the complaint next week. Lannoye tells News12 he will be filing at least one criminal complaint within the next week.