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Motorcycle Deaths Continue to Rise

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A motorcycle accident claims the live of one Owatonna resident over the weekend.

The State Patrol says 54–year–old Donald Severson lost control of his motorcycle at the intersection of highway 21 and Bagley road in Rice county.

Authorities say he and his passenger, 54 year old Susan Daniels were both ejected.

Daniels died while, Severson sustained serious injuries.

State authorities are reminding motorcyclists to wear protective gear to make sure they are seen.

Trooper Matthew Dick says, "When we investigate our motor vehicle accidents, especially those involving motorcycles, is the other drivers just didn't see that motorcyclist. Instead of wearing the dark clothes that we typically wear on the street, maybe wear those high visibility garments to make you visible to other drivers."

The State Patrol also says that defensive driving is another way to prevent such accidents.