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Hey Kluwe, Leave Mankato Alone

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Chris Kluwe took his toe to wine country this year... but the former Viking is still making his presence felt in Mankato.

The outspoken punter is once again taking to Twitter to vent about the home of Vikings training camp, tweeting today…  "Heading to Napa. Gotta be honest, it feels a lot nicer to be going there rather than the STD capitol of MN. No offense, Mankato." 

Let's get this out of the way, right now. No, Mankato is not the STD capitol of Minnesota.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health – St. Paul, Minneapolis and Bemidji all have higher rates of chlamydia... and we barely register on the list when it comes to gonorrhea...

So right off the bat, the man personally responsible for getting Devin Hester into the NFL Hall of Fame has his facts wrong.

How would he like it if we said he ranked 31st in the league for punts inside the 20 yard line last year?

Actually, that's accurate, so maybe not the best example...

And while Kluwe's replacement can't quite match his skill at taking glamour shots, he does actually have biceps, and we are playing football after all.

Truth be told, Chris, we know there's no hard feelings, you were a solid player and punting stats never tell the whole story, we enjoyed your time here and wish you the best with the Raiders.

Whoa... wait... saying the Jolly Green Giant looks like a pedophile... now you've crossed the line, buddy.