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Businesses Excited For Vikings Training Camp

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Fans rolling into town for Vikings Training camp also happen to be extra customers for area businesses.
They say being close to campus is a great way to land customers... but with Vikings Training Camp, they're like kids in a candy store.
Fans welcomed the team every step of the way from their headquarters in the cities down to training camp at MSU... but it's area restaurants, bars and hotels that truly happy to see the Vikings come to town.

Before the pads start crashing, businesses in and around Vikings training camp are licking their chops at the prospect of thousands of fresh customers looking for a break from the action and the heat... or in the case of today, the rain.
.... And with a full three weeks of camp this year, and some favorable weather, Mankato is looking to have an incredibly successful time. 
Anna Thill says, "It has been awhile that we had them for this long and that mean a lot more visitors are coming. We had about 52,000 people come through last year and we hope a few more will come visit this year."

It's estimated that an additional five million dollars in economic activity is generated over the course of Vikings training camp.