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Latest Details on Train Derailment Accident in Spain

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Spain -

Police have detained the driver of the train that went off the tracks in Spain, killing 78 people. And Authorities have now identified an American woman among the dead.

Now authorities have 52 year old Francisco Jose Garzon in custody as they investigate the cause of the disaster.  A security camera caught the moment of impact - after the train barreled around a curve and flew off the tracks in the northern city of Santiago de Compostela.  47-year-old Ana-Marie Cordoba from Virginia died in the crash. Her husband and daughter and several other Americans were also injured. Crews are hauling away wreckage as investigators inspect the black boxes for clues about why the train may have been traveling at more than twice the 50 mile per hour speed limit. Rail experts say the driver must have had a visual or audio warning telling him to slow down because he was approaching a curve.  Passenger Stephen Ward from Utah says he saw the train's speed on a monitor seconds before the crash - at 121 miles per hour. Spanish media reports Garzon spoke with station officials just after the accident. He allegedly said, I messed up - I want to die - so many people many people dead... Tina Kraus, CBS News.