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Classic Car and Bike Show Honors Veterans

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Dozens of classic cars and motorcycles made their way to Mankato to be showcased, but they weren't the only ones being recognized.

For every vehicle at Sibley Park today, there was twice the amount of Veterans and those with ties to those who've served.

Kim Tolzmann says, "The turnout's been wonderful. It just goes to show the support that the veterans are getting today. It makes me proud to be a veteran."

Each with their own stories of why they joined the service.

 Stephen Simpson says, "Young, and dumb. It was an experience that I went through that I wouldn't want to go through again."

Tolzmann says, "I guess my family sort of had a history, my dad was a Korean War Vet and I've had a lot of relatives that have served. Their influences kind of made me go that direction."

And why they have so much respect for those who have served.

Dave Krueger, chairman for the Veteran's car show says, "My father was in WWII at the very end of it. He was over in Germany, and I joined the Sons of the American Legion 20 years ago. And it's what my father did, I'm very proud of him."

For Stephen Simpson, who served in Vietnam, events like these are a nice change.

Simpson says, "We weren't very welcomed back when we came home. So, it's good to see the people behind the truths."

Money raised today goes to Veterans and Veterans' families throughout Minnesota. A fundraiser always in need.

Simpson says, "We need more of it really, and all the money goes to people that need it."

This was the first of a now annual Minnesota Veterans Classic Car & Bike Show at Sibley Park. Today's show had over 50 vehicles register.