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CAIR Objects to Tea Party Speaker

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Islamic groups and progressive bloggers are objecting to a speaker being brought in by a local Tea Party group.

Brigette Gabriel has been prominent on the speaking circuit and Fox News programs whenever Islamic terrorism is the topic of discussion.

That career, and statements she has made over the course of it have led critics to say she's Islamophobic.

Andy Johnson, Jr. with the Southern Minnesota Tea Party says, "They don't want to be targeted as terrorists, and they're not - there are a lot of positive people in that religion."

Abdi Sabrie, a leader in the Mankato Muslim community says, "I'm not surprised that the southern Minnesota Tea Party are involved here because they promote the politics of division. But Minnesotans will not be fooled by that."

Objections to Ms. Gabriel speaking were first brought to light by the Minnesota chapter of the Council on Arab and Islamic Relations.

Muslim leaders we spoke with say they are open to her talk tomorrow at the Civic Center Hotel, but want to give their take as well.

Sabrie says, "This is the tradition of this country. You have the right to free speech, but we want people to get the correct version of the message."

Johnson says, "Maybe they're scared because she's speaking the truth. There are a lot of good decent Islamic followers, and we're not just fingering the whole religion."