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Mapleton resident cited, still hasn't cleaned up blight

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Mapleton, Minn. -


After being told by the City of Mapleton to clean up her mess, a resident has yet to act.
Tanya Winters was also cited by authorities for blight in her yard. According to court records she is facing several misdemeanors.
Take a drive down 4th Avenue Southeast in Mapleton and you'll notice a quiet and well upkept neighborhood. Upkept until you get to Winters' property.

When it comes to blight, Chief Benjamin Honsey of the Mapleton Police Department says Winters' property is at the top.
"Right now I guess I would say it's the worst," Honsey said.
The 38-year-old is also facing several misdemeanor charges in Blue Earth County related to public nuisance and junk items.

Honsey says the property owner was notified in writing of the issue.
"They still failed to comply in this circumstance and so we issued a citation for violations on two separate occasions," Honsey said.
We asked Winters for an on-camera interview. She declined our request, but said the issue was quote "not that bad."

Neighbors News 12 spoke with, who also declined to appear on camera said the issue is frustrating.
"We like to keep the properties looking nice for the neighbors," said Honsey. "We like to keep the junk and debris down because they can harbor rodents."
According to court records, an arraignment hearing for Winters has been set for August 15th in regard to the blight.
According to Mapleton city code, if the mess is not cleaned up, the city can eventually step in and clean it up themselves and then bill the property owner for the cost.