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Area Same-Sex Couples Prepare For Wedding Day

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Dozens of  Minnesota gay couples are making last–minute wedding preparations as gay marriage is about to become legal in the state. 

Blue Earth County has seen seven applications for same–sex couples on the eve of legalization.

Among them are Autumn Grant and Jessica Sambrano, who with marriage license already in tow, will marry next Saturday at Red Sky Lounge.

Grant says, "The owners are really great, Rudy and Michelle. They made it very comfortable for us to come here and think about our special day. Plus, it's very artsy and we're really into stuff like that – New Age – we like it a lot."

Sambrano says, "They did it in the right way – tomorrow will be a great day for the whole state of Minnesota."

Autumn will take Jessica's last name in the marriage, and create a family unit that includes Autumn's daughter, Justice, who is very happy to officially have two moms.

"When we went to the capitol and it was announced as legal, my mom was the happiest day of her life. She was happy all day long."

"It was meant to be."