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Same-Sex Weddings Abound Throughout the Area

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MANKATO, Minn. -

After decades of debate, referendums and campaigns, gay marriage finally comes to Minnesota.
Today was the first day same sex couples could legally wed in the state. 
Jenn and Anna Melby-Kelley already had their big showy wedding ceremony back in May, even before the Minnesota Legislature made such a union legal.
Anna Melby-Kelley says, "We knew that it was changing soon, and everyone around town joked that if we got married, it would go through. It was very fast. But it was about time."

Today's ceremony was much more subdued... but official in the eyes of the law... but formality does have its upside.
Jenn Melby-Kelley says, "We didn't know what to expect. It was amazing. People were so supportive. So excited. We were so excited. It wasn't even monotonous - it was really fun to write the check and to high-five the people in line."

The Melby-Kelley's weren't the only couple getting married today... Joe Strong and Rob Thomas tied the knot earlier in the day at the Nicollet County courthouse in a much more boisterous setting, where the love and happiness came easy, even if the words to describe it don't.
Plenty of discussions, both on policy and emotion remain in the gay marriage debate, but here and now, a whole bunch of Minnesotans were finally able to show what they've felt all along.

Anna says, "I'm so happy... so happy that we're together."

Jenn says, "I am incredibly blessed. It's what I've always wanted. She's what I've always wanted."