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V.F.W.'s In Need of Young Veterans

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More than one hundred veterans spent their weekend obtaining some quality time with other service members. They did so on North Links Golf Course this morning. But it wasn't all about tee time.

Veterans say they have a concern to share when it comes to young service members.

Every year since 1969, Veterans of Foreign Wars members gather from across Minnesota for a round of golf.

V.F.W. Member Edward Eibon says, "It's a good time, we look forward to it. We're here for three days and the golf is secondary, the comradery is number one."

Today's event has been going on for more than four decades without a hitch.

But now, many organizations see low numbers in young members, if any.

V.F.W. Member Tom Waks says, "We definitely need members. It would be nice to see the local community come out and sponsor the VFWs cause it's all for veterans benefits and to help them out."

At 26 years old, Justin Morton is one of the youngest member's at his VFW and doesn't want them to become a thing of the past.

Morton says, "It's tradition, and it's super, super important to keep the traditions up in the military and also in the VFW outside"

The reason why more veterans his age aren't joining is somewhat of a mystery to him too.

Morton says, "They might've had a bad taste in the military and kind of got out in less than honorable terms. I've got no problem, I love going there my parents are both VFW members."

Waks says, "These guys got to become a part otherwise it's going to disappear. We definitely need the young veterans out."

Morton says, "If I could I would like to get the word out more for the younger crowd to be actually doing this."

 And some say they hope more younger members will join area V–F–W's, so more veterans can make par for the course.