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MRCI Candy Expands Locally

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A local non–profit organization based right here in Mankato with other branches in southern cities of the state is growing rapidly.

 In just a span of threeyears since they've opened, things have only gotten sweeter.

 For well over half a century MRCI Work Source has been on amission.

 MRCI Communications Manager, Matthew Coulsey says, "The goal is to employ peoplewith disabilities."

Three years ago the nonprofit organization began workingwith candy. Employing hundreds of people.

Coulsey says, "A lot of the times a company would buy agiant machine that labels the candy. We don't do that, we employ people to dothat."

Now, they're seeing some sweet results.

Operations Manager, Margaret Remiger says, "When we started in 2010 we had,we were doing about 2 million bags per year and now we're up to over 5 millionbags."

Other than Menards and Holiday convenience stores, theircandy can now be found on another local shelf. And only a half hour away fromwhere it was packaged.

Ryan Kloeckl, New Ulm HyVee's general merchandise manager says, "We just decided, hey let's join andhook up and join with them and take care of it and sell the candy with them andpartner with them."

Being the first local HyVee to have MRCI products in theircandy aisle.

Kloeckl says, "It feels great to be a part of thecommunity you know you always need to give back. You need to give back and be apart of the community to really just strive and take care of each other."

Coulsey says, "For local people to buy is tremendousbecause when they buy that candy you're helping employ people with disabilitiesand that's really important, you're giving something back to thecommunity."

MRCI is the largest non–profit of its kind in Minnesota.Employing around four thousand people across the southern part of the state.