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Ceylon Addressing Dog Issues in the City

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CEYLON, Minn. -

The city of Ceylon says they have a dog problem.
From canines running at large, to even an allegation of a dog killing another animal, the mayor says he's working on solving the issue.
"We can't have them running loose, especially when you don't know whose they are or they're not vaccinated," said mayor Jack Schultz.
Schultz says the city passed an ordinance requiring dog owners to register their animals in an effort to address the problem.
"This is for the public safety of everyone concerned," Schultz said.
Some residents News 12 spoke with say they're in favor of the extra rules. However, they also point out enforcement seems to be an issue.
"They have done this in the past, and charged us for the tags and what not, and don't have....any animal control over here," said Justin Fletcher of Ceylon.

Ceylon resident Heather Roberts says she's in favor the registration plan.
"I think that dogs should be registered so their owners can be held accountable," Smith said. "I think that it's important to keep your dogs under control."
For Roberts, the debate is personal. One of her dogs was accused of killing another animal--an allegation she says is simply not true.
"I'm not denying that my dogs go out," she said. "I just know that my dogs didn't do what they're being accused of doing."
Under the city ordinance, the fee for each dog license is $5. Those who don't get a license are subject to a $50 fine.

The mayor says down the road, the city hopes to employ a town police officer who would be able to address animal-control issues.