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School Back in Session at MSU Convocation

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The start of the new school year is quickly approaching with MSU classes set to begin next Monday.

This morning MSU students, faculty and staff members gathered in Bresnan Arena to hear MSU President Richard Davenport's vision for this academic year.

He had a lot to say ranging from introductions to new faculty members. Sharing this year's main goals, he also made sure to mention Gage towers.

Those returning to MSU this year will notice a few changes.

MSU President Richard Davenport says, "The view out my office window is dramatically different. But watching the towers come down on June 29th, I know a lot of you were there was both exciting and emotional."

Moving forward with campus changes that have been dreams for decades.

Davenport says, "Our campus mall area is undergoing quit the transformation. The fountain is being replaced and a new underground pedestrian link and small amphitheater between the library and the centennial student union is in progress."

A project that has been a vision for decades.

Davenport says, "It's going to actually transform the way our students move around campus and the way that they'll be able to use both facilities."

Other topics Davenport spoke of include the launch of a Twin Cities baccalaureate program, continuing to increase campus diversity.

Making a point to remind all those in attendance what the University stands for before the school year kicks off.

Davenport says, "Our promise to students that if they enroll in MSU they'll go further than they imagined possible. That they will learn to combine big ideas with real world thinking to take that and turn their dreams into reality."

Move–in day is this Thursday, August 22  where 2,800 students will return to campus. And With students, friends and parents helping move in. The University is expecting over 4,000 vehicles going through.