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Verizon Wireless Center Installs New Hockey Rink

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All was quiet outside of the Verizon Wireless Center, but inside the facility crews were tackling one massive project.                                      

Verizon Wireless Center marketing manager, Eric Jones says, "The average life span of a hockey rink is 15–20 years. We're kind of getting to the end of that time frame. Rather than turning it on one fall and it not working, the decision was made to completely replace it."

At around 7:00 Tuesday morning, the first of 30 cement trucks arrived to cover the hockey rink's cooling system.

Vice president of Stevens Engineers, Scott Ward says, "There's ten miles of pipe in the floor, which most people don't understand. They see an ice sheet and they don't realize what's underneath it. They think it's just a concrete floor, but there's actually ten miles of cooling pipes in the floor."

With 300 cubic yards to cover with cement, it's no easy task.

Ward says, "Once you start pouring you got to continue pouring. It's not like pouring a sidewalk or something like that or even a big floor with joints in it. This has no joints in it so it has to be a continuous pour."

After six hours of pouring and leveling, workers are now doing some final touches. In the long run this new hockey rink will have a smaller carbon footprint.

Ward says, "This facility will become a lot more sustainable. It will reduce its carbon footprint because now we're using less quantity of refrigerant in the ice equipment room. We're going from about 6,000 pounds of R-22 to about 800 pounds. So that's substantial reduction."