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St. Peter Cafe to be Featured in Locavore TV Program

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The locavore movement, doing your best to eat food that travels the *least to your dinner table, is gaining in popularity.

So much so, that a television series on local examples is in the works right now. 
Host Mary LaHammer says, "It's called Farm Fresh Road Trip. We take a road trip all around the state and show people you can eat an entire meal in different parts of the state. An appetizer, lunch, dinner and a dessert. And dessert is right here at River Rock in St. Peter."
Mary LaHammer, host of At the Capitol on TPT's latest project will scour the restaurants, cafes and coffee shops of Greater Minnesota looking for the best locavore cuisine.

It's done in conjunction with the Minnesota Farmers Union.
Bruce Miller with the Minnesota Farmers Union says, "It connects the food we grow here with the chefs at restaurants or at home, who cook it with the farmers who grow it. This is an opportunity to have a discussion with consumers about where their food comes from and who farmers really are."

And according to our featured cafe, affordability is easier than you would expect.
Tamika Bertram of River Rock Coffee says, "If you can buy and create friendships with your local farmers, a lot of the time you're paying less for produce. And we're talking about organic produce, seasonal produce. But that's the thing - you have to consider seasonality. If you need to have peaches in December, you're going to pay for peaches in December. If you can eat seasonally, you're going to have the best produce at the best price."

LaHammer says, "People are really getting on the bandwagon. They're understanding that local food tastes better, looks better, and is better for the community. You're recycling dollars right here."
The first episode, featuring River Rocks Coffee, will air on public television channels throughout the state on October 6th at seven o'clock.