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More Allegations of Chemical Weapons In Syria

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Opposition leaders in Syria say they are finding houses full of bodies after the alleged chemical weapons attack near Damascus. The U.S. and dozens of other countries are demanding that United Nations experts are let into the area to investigate. Syrian rebels say President Bashar El Assad's troops continue to bomb the same neighborhoods where hundreds died in a chemical weapons attack. Opposition forces now say more than a thousand people died in the gas attack.

Syrian opposition forces say they want United Nations inspectors out of their Damascus hotel and in the field to investigate the allegations. But Syria needs to give its approval first. As more information like this comes out, pressure is building on the United States and other countries to take action.

France's foreign minister says if the allegations are confirmed, the international community must respond with force.

Officials in Iran are siding with Syria - saying there is no way government troops launched a chemical attack. Iran's foreign minister blamed the killings on terrorists.