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President Obama Takes Message On The Road

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President Obama rolled into Buffalo, New York this morning - the first stop on his two state bus tour to promote his plan for making college more affordable. 

President Obama told students at the University of Buffalo - he has a plan to make higher education more affordable. He's rolling out a proposal to help parents and students select schools based on the best value - putting a rating system in place that looks at factors including tuition costs, graduation rates and graduate earnings. And the higher the college or university's score - the more federal aid available for that school. The President offered a preview during his State of the Union address back in February.

The White House says any economic recovery must include education reform. The average tuition at a four-year college has tripled in the past 30-years and Americans now owe more than a trillion dollars in student loan debt. The President wants to help students manage their debt better - making all borrowers eligible to cap payments at 10 percent of their monthly income. 

The push for educational reform is the President's latest effort to deliver his message directly to the American people but he'll need Congress on board for some of these proposals to become a reality.