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Move In Day for 2,800 MSU Students

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Thousands of Minnesota State University–Mankato students moved in on campus Thursday, officially marking the end of summer and the start of another school year. 

Move in day at MSU is one of the busiest days of the year on campus. After driving, moving boxes, and unpacking. It's hard not to look forward to being settled in.

First year student, Kylie Kenall says, "It's annoying, traffic was annoying,  Ihave a lot of stuff so I just want to get it all in there and get it over with."

Kayla Thielhorn says, "Once it's all done and put away I bet we're all going to be really happy that it's over."

A day filled with all kinds of emotions.

Penny Thielhorn, Kayla's mother says, "I'm a mixed bag of emotions because I'm excited for her new chapter in her life. But I'm also sad that she's leaving. I think that it'll be fun though. A lot of fun. This is a first for both my husband and I. We both went to local schools so to move somebody down to college this is a lot of fun. So I think we are living vicariously through her."

K. Thielhorn says, "It's going to be very different from what I'm used to, but I think it's going to be a very good experience and I'm surely excited for it all to start."

To make the move easier plenty of MSU students and staff too were on hand to direct traffic and help carry things.

K. Thielhorn says, "Very helpful, we didn't know where to go at first so they were being all, oh go right over there and being so nice."

First year student Hailey Gorman says, "I feel like I'm helpful and it's a great way to meet new people. Cause I was nervous when I just moved in, but now I can just ease some people's nerves by just being friendly and helping them out."

A day that all incoming first years can relate to.

Kayla Thielhorn says, "So many cars and people moving in so at least we're all going through the same thing."