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Delays in New Ulm Water Tower Project

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NEW ULM, Minn. -

The construction of New Ulm's new water tower is slightly delayed, but city officials say it's nothing to be concerned about. 
The $1.4 million project on the south tip of town is about twenty days behind schedule, as the contractor finishes up a similar project in the lower Midwest.
Patrick Wrase, the Utilities Planning and Development Engineer with New Ulm Public Utilities says, "They said they've been delayed by weather. These guys build these towers nationwide. They're doing some project in the lower Midwest and have been upset by the wet weather. They're a bid delayed, but they're completing a job. It's replacing the Hermann Heights tower, which is over 60 years old, in a state of disrepair - it's actually sprung a leak within the last couple of years. It's meant to replace that tower, but also to provide additional storage for a shortfall on the hill."

The city had originally wanted the water tower to be constructed and ready to go online by October, but were not able to garner enough bids.

Wrase says, "The design engineers had received a few calls that we were being a bit too aggressive. They thought it would be in our best interest to bring in some additional bidders and we did get three bids for the project."

The deadline for the project was set at August 1st of 2014.

Contractors told the city they will begin erecting the water tower on September 16th.