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Extreme Heat Means More Summer for Loyola Students

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MANKATO, Minn. -

As soon as school started, a weather-related dismissal struck in the Loyola Catholic School system, in August of all Minnesota months.

A substantial portion of Loyola's facilities do not have air conditioning.

"Today is our official first day of school, well actually yesterday was supposed to be our first day of school, so we cancelled it because it was too hot," said John Landkamer, Loyola activities director.

The start to school thus far for Loyola has been unordinary to say the least.
"I've been in Catholic education since 1978. This is the first time we've shut a school down because of heat," said Father Robert Schneider, president of Loyola Catholic Schools.
With classes consisting of only a half day today, the news was welcoming for senior Rachel Schaub.
"I'm excited, it's always good," Schaub said. "It's kind of nice to ease back into school, I know it wasn't planned that way, but it feels like it was, and it's just a really good way to kind of get used to it in increments."
Classes in the Loyola Catholic School system will consist of a half-day on Thursday, and on Friday there won't be any school at all because of the heat.
"My job as a president of the Catholic system and administrator is to make sure I provide the best environment, given the resources available for students to learn, and this is simply too hot,"said Schneider.