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Prescribed Burn in Minneopa Park

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MANKATO, Minn. -

A wide column of smoke lofted through the atmosphere above Minneopa Park in Mankato today from the experienced hands of the Conservation Core of Minnesota enacting a prescribed burn to the prairie grass.

Prescribed burns are instigated to lessen the potential for uncontrolled wildfires, curtail invasive species and plants, and restore vital nutrients and minerals to the soil, "...almost like a medical prescription."

With ideal weather conditions throughout the day, the DNR and Conservation Core set forth a plan to effectively and safely char the immediate horizon of Minneopa Park's undergrowth that allows the heartier trees to withstand the influx of heat and an experienced staff to monitor its fruition.

The burn occupied most of the afternoon as the Conservation Core mindfully meandered the trails with torches and fire–suppressant pads in hand.

The light winds will allow the smoke to readily rise above our cities and though the park will host a burnt appearance temporarily, by next spring wild flowers will gleefully emerge from the dust.