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Nicollet Schools Get Concussion Test

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Another southern Minnesota school is now using a tool todetect concussions.

The goal is high school athletes won't have life–long sideeffects from a sports injury.

Nicollet Public Schools now have a new tool to help detect if a student has suffered aconcussion.

Students take an online test that measures their reactiontime, memory and attention span.

Nicollet Public School nurse, Sue Wear says, "It measures that so if there is aconcussion then we can re–administer the test and find out if there is anythingthat does and will continue with that head injury."

Making sure to test Nicollet Public School students beforetheir fall athletics began.

Wear says, "Most of our students have tested alreadyand they have had their first game."

Ceceli Polzin of the Mankato Clinic says, "The baseline test is very importantbecause that is what the athletic trainers and physicians use to gage what apost injury test is telling them."

Now counting Nicollet, eight schools in the area have theImPACT testing software granted by Mankato Clinic. Along with two Mankato Areaathletic clubs.

Polzin says, "Athletics is just a piece of their wholehigh school experience. So I think the schools have been very welcoming to havethis tool and the parents are now realizing the importance of it as well."

Wear says, "I hope to be bringing this to some otherschools in the area. I have six schools myself. So some of the other smallschools in this area I hope to kind of move this program along to them so thatit can cover as many kids as possible in the area."

A tool that allows concussions to be better managed andtreated.

The ImPACT Concussion Test is free to students and isrecommended to be taken every two years.