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Truck Gets Stuck Under Le Sueur Bridge

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When driving into Le Sueur you may have noticed a low clearance bridge. But unless you were the driver of a semi or other big vehicle, you probably didn't think twice.

But today that bridge was the scene of an accident, as a truck hit the top and got stuck.

Margaret Schatzer–Meier Bachtol says, "Oh he just wasn't thinking when he went under the bridge. It's a short bridge and he's not used to driving this trailer.

Margaret Schatzer–Meier Bachtol is the mother to a 23–year–old truck driver who earlier today clipped the top of his truck against the Le Sueur Bridge.

Schatzer–Meier Bachtol says, "It wrecked the trailer quite well but he was OK so that's OK. You hear about it all the time, about how many per year, do they have, 3–4 a year and it's just like when are they ever going to change the bridge. Trucks are getting bigger. They should really change it. Maybe it will take something really bad to happen before they do it. I do not know."

However, MN–Dot says there are no plans to fix the bridge because the costs for not only the bridge, but railroad as well, would be unfeasible.

MN–Dot officials say the best way to prevent such accidents is to know your vehicle's height.

Jed Falgren says, "Obviously we try to warn the drivers as much as possible. That bridge has been there a long time and there's currently no plans to change anything."

There are no warning signs of the low height coming through town, just on the side if entering from Highway 169.

However, the driver was a Le Sueur native and had driven under the bridge before, but with a different trailer.