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Residents Talk with Congressman Walz about Syria

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Area residents flocked to a Saint Peter grocery store to talk about Syria with Congressman Tim Walz on Friday.

Right now, a resolution is going before Congress, which would authorize the use of military force against the Assad Regime.

The U.S. has accused the regime of using chemical weapons on its residents.

People lined up around the produce aisle of the store, and waited to voice their thoughts to Congressman Walz on Friday. And all appeared to have the same message about using military force in Syria.
"Democracy is people, and people showed up here today to say 'no,'" said Walz, D--Minn.
One of the individuals in the crowd today was Syrian native Azad Mesrobian. Mesrobian lived in Syria for 20 years and says military intervention by the U.S. would not be pragmatic.
"Significant amount of collateral damage, and death of innocent civilians, and it would not accomplish to stop the civil war," Mesrobian said.
As far as the resolution goes, Walz says he has not yet made a decision on how he will vote personally.
"I am incredibly skeptical, and that has been enhanced today that the proposed course of action as it stands in the Senate resolution gets us to that position," Walz said.

Mesrobian says attacking Syria is not the answer.
"The shock on the civilian population would have traumatic, psychological damage towards the Western countries," Mesrobian said.
The resolution at hand would authorize military force in Syria for a period of 60 days. However, the president could extend that time for an additional 30 days.
"I question whether the job could ever get done in this manner," said Walz.

Other area residents also wanted to make it clear to Walz, they were not on board with striking Syria.
"I'm sorry somebody gassed all those civilians, but we got enough problems right here at home," said Stan Schipreth of Kasota.
While Walz said he hasn't made a decision on this resolution yet, he does point out Friday's overwhelming turnout struck a chord.
"We have never had a unanimous opinion as it was stated here so clearly, I think that's a powerful message," Walz said.
Staff people with Walz say roughly 150 people stood in line to speak with the Congressman. In comparison to similar events, Rep. Walz said he has never before seen such a large turnout.