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New Ulm Battery lets general public fire a cannon

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NEW ULM, Minn. -


If you're a New Ulm resident, you likely heard volley after volley of cannon fire on Saturday.

While the civil war ended back in the year 1865, a militia founded around that timeframe is still active today and is stationed in our area.

On Saturday morning, the general public had a chance to fire the artillery belonging to the New Um Battery.
"Today we are just going along and holding a celebration event, where right now the general public is given the opportunity our original 1856 cannon," said Tony Arndt of the New Ulm Battery.

Udo Huefner is a resident of the State of California, and traveled to New Ulm to shoot the cannon.
"That was my first time...although we were here in '97 and '09, but I didn't get to fire it," Huefner said.
Spokespeople for the New Ulm Battery say Saturday's events commemorated the Battery's 150th anniversary, in addition to the 125th anniversary of the Herman Monument Society.
While people could shoot the artillery for $100, Huefner was a awarded a complimentary round.

"And I think this is really...I don't know how to put it in words, it's very, very thrilling to do it," he said.

The Battery said their mission was accomplished on Saturday.
"It makes us feel great that not only are we helping preserve the history of the civil war-era, but also helping to get our name out there," said Arndt.
That name is accompanied with a historical legacy. The New Ulm Battery was founded in the year 1863 after the 1862 Dakota uprising in New Ulm.
"And it has never disbanded....we are still an active militia unit," said Arndt.
And one other thing to note, the battery says they are looking for more members. You can get in contact with the organization on their Facebook page below.