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Lawsuit Filed Against Jackson Economic Development Corporation

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An organization with the purpose of promoting economic development in an around the City of Jackson is being sued.

The case was filed against the Jackson Economic Development Corporation (JEDC).

Sioux Falls-based Paradigm Construction built a $550,000 warehouse structure in Jackson County.

According to court documents, JEDC paid the contract, but then wanted to repurpose the building for manufacturing. The civil complaint goes on to say JEDC directed Paradigm to retrofit the structure.

The parties did not enter into a written contract for the additional work requested last year. However, Paradigm company officials believed they would be compensated for the project and are now alleging 'breach of contract.'

Paradigm claims JEDC never paid them for the repurposing work, and is seeking about $90,000. Court documents go on to say JEDC refuses to pay for the retrofitting work.

Paradigm is asking the court for JEDC to pay for the retrofitting.

JEDC refused to comment when asked about the case by KEYC News 12.

The matter is due back in Jackson County Court on October 7th at 11:00 A.M.