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Class Ring Lost 33 Years Ago Returned to Owner

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Over three decades ago, a Mankato woman lost something that she assumed she'd never find again.

But that all changed earlier this week, when a twelve year old girl returned her High School class ring.

The year was 1980. The pac–man video game was released, the Rubik's cube became popular and when Debra Jaeger a senior at Mankato West High School lost her class ring.

Debra Jaeger Soley says, "I was laying on a towel in the backyard and when I got up I had taken it off because I didn't want a tan–band. When I was done I picked everything up and went in the house and didn't even think about it."

Realizing days later she left it outside with no luck in finding it.

Until one year ago.

Danielle Hansen says, "Then my dad found it in the mud."

Danielle's dad was working at what used to be Debra's childhood home. Finding an unusual clump of mud, he took it home to discover a long lost ring.

As part of life lesson and a class project, this twelve year old set out on a quest to find the ring's rightful owner.

Hansen says, "We went to West high school and we looked through the 1980 yearbook and we found she was the only girl with those initials. D. J."

Tracking D. J. down using the Internet, Danielle, wrote her a letter.

Soley says, "Dear Debra, If you are Debra Jaeger who graduated from West High school in 1980, I have your class ring and would like to return it to you. If this is your ring let me know. And it was my ring!"

Hansen says, "I just wanted to return it because I thought they would be pretty happy about it."

Soley says, "I was amazed. It's been missing for so long, I never thought I'd see it again."