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Students Learn Farm Safety in Wells

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This week marks National Farm Safety Week and students in the Wells community got first hand experience on the many dangers of farming.

Each year more than 1,000 people are injured as a result of farm accidents in Minnesota.

And the FFA at United South Central knows you can never start too early teaching kids about farm safety.

Krebsbach says, "Around here a lot of kids start operating equipment at a young age or are around it. We live in a rural community and it seems like there's always, you know, I knew from the times I grew up that I was always around equipment so it's definitely something important and not to be taken lightly."

That's why the USC senior FFA class presented on tractor runovers....

Isaac Hartman says, "Not to play around tractors. And why don't you want to play around tractors? Because they could run you over."

Lawnmower safety....

And other farm equipment to approximately 400 students in grades K–eight.

Maya Hansen says, "So what did you learn today at farm safety? Do not get too close to farm equipment. And what happens if you get too close to it? You get hurt bad."

These presenters were trying to teach the kids how to be safe on the farm and prevent them from getting in accidents.

Krebsbach says, "Just to stay safe. Keep your wits about you. Pay attention, don't wear loose clothing, necklaces, chains, anything like that. You know, just to stay safe."

And even though these kids might not remember everything, the FFA knows they have planted a seed.

Krebsbach says, "I realize that a small school, in a small program like this, we're not going to make a giant impact. But that one life we could save could make a difference at the end of the day."