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Minnesota State Mankato Has Their Carbon Footprint Evaluated

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A representative from Sebesta Blomberg was at Minnesota State Mankato today to talk about their energy usage, consumption, and waste disposal. MSU voluntarily contacted the consulting company and sent information about the utilization of their services to be assessed and identify areas that perform well in, and areas that could be improved.

Many ranking staff members involved with MSU were present to hear the results and break down the various statistics. The key point addressed was the Metric Ton of carbon dioxide produced per student. This showed MSU was on par with other Minnesota Universities that had an analysis done, however, areas such as travel to and from the university offered ample room for improvement.

Today's meeting was not for planning future projects, but rather a breakdown of the various areas at the university that contributes to its carbon footprint.

Minnesota State Mankato hopes to continue these assessments and interact with its student and staff to begin effectively stepping down its carbon output.