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Kindergarten Teacher's Dedication Wins Her Golden Apple Award

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Kindergarteners are a diverse crowd that requires a special person to teach them. Someone who wishes the best for each individual, yet has definitive goals for a classroom.

Diane Substad, a kindergarten teacher at Monroe Elementary School in North Mankato, is honored with the Golden Apple Award for her drive to prepare young minds for the future. She began teaching the first grade at Monroe School in 1999 after moving from California, but after a few years requested to teach kindergarten. It was always the age level she had wanted to work with, a dream that is now a reality.

Principal Al Lawrence says Ms. Substad's ability to connect to the social and emotional side of her students is what makes her such a positive influence on the children. Her level of caring, nurturing, and dedication reflects on both the students and staff alike. She even hosts a graduation for the kindergarteners at the end of the school year.

Today's award was an unexpected, but pleasant suprise for Diane. But even after the recognition, Ms. Substad says, "I am just doing what I'm doing with kids and that's what I love to do."

With hands-on involvement and encouragement of these young thinkers, Diane Substad has certainly earned herself a Golden Apple Award.