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Relations Warming Between U.S. and Iran

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After decades of suspicion, and cold relations between the U.S. and Iran, Secretary of State John Kerry is hoping to break the ice with Iran's foreign minister in a meeting today. Secretary of State John Kerry is doing something that a high-level U.S. official has not done in more than 30 years: meeting with Iran's foreign minister. Kerry, and top diplomats from five other countries are trying to restart negotiations over Iran's nuclear program. Iran has been punished for its suspect nuclear ambitions with crippling economic sanctions, and the country's new moderate President says he's ready to talk. What matters is that Iran must be able to assert its rights, its legal rights. President Hassan Rouhani denies Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons. In an interview with CBS This Morning's Charlie Rose, Rouhani said Iran does not want to be discriminated against.

Secretary of State Kerry has a dozen meetings and events planned over a 12 hour day here at the Waldorf Astoria. Nothing on his schedule is being more closely watched than his meeting with Iran's foreign minister. During a photo op with China's foreign minister this morning, Secretary Kerry was asked what he needed to hear from his Iranian counterpart to know that Iran is serious about negotiations.

Today, Iran's new president called on Israel to join an international treaty banning the spread of nuclear weapons . Israel is the only Mideast nation that has not signed the landmark 1979 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty