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House Not Budging on Budget Deal

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The Senate votes on legislation to avert a government shutdown today. But House Republican leaders say they are unwilling to approve the same bill. Some 800,000 federal workers could be told to stay home next week if Congress cannot reach a deal.

Speaker John Boehner says the GOP will not approve the measure as is.  The reason is healthcare . House Republicans may attach changes that would cut off some funding for the president's affordable healthcare act. They also want to delay the mandate requiring all Americans to buy health insurance - for one year. 

If Congress cannot reach a deal the government will partially shutdown after midnight Monday and some 800-thousand federal workers could be told to stay home next week. President Obama put out an email this morning blaming quote: "far right republicans" of "pushing us closer to the brink." Senator John McCain says compromise is in the country's best interest.

The budget battle looks far from over with another right around the corner. Next month Congress has to decide whether or not to raise the debt ceiling.  If the government partially shuts down, more than a third of federal workers will not be allowed to work, including those at national parks and museums in the nation's capital. Services considered critical to national security, safety and health would go on as usual.