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Thieves Strike Local School Fundraiser

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Students and staff at Good Shepherd Lutheran School in North Mankato are disappointed today.

A fundraiser built on the honor system leads to theft.

A day after money was stolen from their pumpkin fundraiser, students and staff from Good Shepherd Lutheran School were back to work in the fields this afternoon.

For the past couple years the school has sold pumpkins for $5 that the students help plant and harvest.

Dylan says, "We all work really hard to pick the pumpkins after they are done growing. It's a lot of work."

They have never had a problem with the honor system until now.

The money supports the school and helps students pay for tuition.

Elijah says, "Raise money for our school so that we can make the school so we can learn more about God and enrich in our own religion."

They raise more than $100 each week, proceeds are kept in a cash box.

The police notified the school yesterday after a tip caller found that cash box in Benson Park.

Dylan says, "I was kind of downcast. I hope the thief feels guilty and repentance and gives us back the money."

School officials expect around $125 was stolen but say they learned a good lesson.

Vance Becker says , "Number one we should be cautious, number two we can't prevent every bad thing from happening but we can realize that the grace of God will continue to take care of us. We need to forgive others the way God has forgiven us."

School officials say they plan to put the tool box back outside on the tractor but rather than waiting until the end of the week to collect the money they will collect the funds on a daily basis.