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City Members Save Windom Silver screen

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After being closed for nearly a year in 2012, the Windom State Theater has now been open for a full year under its new management.

In early 2012 the Windom State Theater fell silent. Shutting its doors for almost a year.

An ending the people of Windom weren't happy with.  Then, the non–profit organization called 'Windom Theater Incorporated' stepped in.

Windom Theater Incorporated president, Buckwheat Johnson says, "The biggest reaction has been not that we've cleaned it up but that we're open. We were closed for about nine months last year and that really hurt the downtown area and people just wanted to see the movies."

Nearly one hundred years old, The Windom State Theater has undergone a few needed improvements within the last twelve months.

Johnson says, "It's really changed as to how it looks, how it feels and even how it sounds now."

Switching from film to digital and turning up the volume with a new sound system, the upgrades are sure to enhance a movie goers' experience.

Johnson says, "Before we just had a couple speakers. Now we have total surround sound with ten speakers. So you definitely can watch the act and see the action and hear it."

And that's just inside. The movie theater's old marquee from 1937 is also getting some attention through community donations too.

Johnson says, "It's been refurbished, repainted, we're putting new lights in there, some LED, some new neon again. There hasn't been neon for as long as I can remember. So it's really going to brighten up this part of town and really lighten up the neighborhood, too."

A neighborhood that came together to spiff up the city's silver screen for generations to come.

This weekend the theater celebrated its one year anniversary by hosting a 48–hour movie marathon.

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