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Winter Heating Safety Tips

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A cool down is heading our way making it the time of year furnaces and heating appliances can be a source of fires.

 Mankato Department of Public Safety wants to remind everyone its also a good time of year to do some maintenance and have those things checked out.

They recommend having a professional clean and check the furnace to make sure it's up to code and to also look for any obstructions in the duct work. Something as simple as a ball of lint in the heating duct can cause a fire. Deputy Director, Jeff Bengtson, said, "One other piece that we do run into occasionally is that if somebody's heating system isn't working, we want to make sure that people are NOT using their stove or their range as supplemental heating. It's dangerous, it could produce carbon monoxide or toxic fumes as a result."

In addition, furnace filters should be replaced based on manufacturer's guidelines.