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River Ramble Attracts Local Bikers

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Mankato is becoming more and more bicycle friendly. Community members showed that today as more than one–thousand bikers flooded Land of Memories Park for the third–annual River Ramble.

More than 1,000 bikers took to the trails for the simple joy of bike riding.

Tom Engstrom says, "This event is originally designed to get people out and riding their bikes in Mankato. Both local residents as well as visitors come. We get about an equal mix of people from out of town as well as from Mankato."

These riders began at Land of Memories Park and rode anywhere between 12 and 43 miles.

The riders could pick from three different routes, taking them as far away as Rapidan or Lake Crystal.

Marti Ryan says, "Oh my gosh. Just take it all in. Enjoy the scenery."

Marti Ryan considers herself a recreational biker and enjoys biking for a variety of reasons.

Ryan says, "Oh tons of stuff. It's meditative. You can just kind of go into your own, go into myself. I feel like I'm doing something good for my body and this huge community."

But no matter what your reason for riding, Engstrom hopes events like the River Ramble can inspire a life–long passion for riding.

Engstrom says, "One thing: to have fun. You know if they haven't ridden a lot, we hope they discover this is a great area to bike in and they'll come back and do it again."