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Yields Better Than Expected This Harvest

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After battling a late planting season due to some snow last May, this year's crop yields aren't looking too bad.

When it comes to describing this year's yields, President of the Minnesota Farm Bureau, Kevin Paap, has a fitting word to use.

Paap says, "The yields are, probably, the number one word would be variable. There's parts of the field that the yields are very good, better than expected. Certainly with the wetter spring and the wetter areas the crop is not as good as it typically is. So, above average in some spots and below average in other parts of the same field."

With a forty percent chance of rain on Friday, Paap doesn't expect the moisture to be much of a problem.

Paap says, "Moisture is always welcome, even during harvest because we have to recharge those soil profiles. The rain is good. It's money in the bank for next year's crop. It's a little too wet to harvest soybeans so a lot of folks are going to corn harvest getting a good start."

While many folks are putting more money in their bank and drying out their kernels.

Paap says, "Moisture levels are a little higher in some areas of the corn. The earlier planted corn, early varieties, are okay. But we really need some wind, some sunshine. Days like today are great for corn drying."

With many expectations not set very high for this harvest season.

Paap says, "You don't have to go very far in many directions to have that preventive planting, where they just couldn't get into the field."

This year's harvest did pan out better than expected in some areas.

Since it is harvest time, farmers ask that you are extra cautious when driving. As large, slow moving farm equipment will be on the roads.