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Debt Ceiling Looms as Shutdown Continues

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Senators are in the middle of slow-moving negotiations to try and get the government back open and raise the nation's borrowing limit before Thursday's deadline.

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions says, "The shutdown needs to end. And the debt ceiling impasse needs to be dealt with and get passed it."

Over the weekend, talks between President Obama and House Republicans leaders fell apart. The GOP continued to press for concessions for re-opening the government, and the White House was having none of it.   Now, the Senate is the best hope for getting a deal done, but there are still some big hurdles.

As part of any budget compromise Senate Democrats are looking to roll back some of those across the board spending cuts, known as sequestration.

Nevada Senator Harry Reid says, "I'm optimistic about the prospects for a  positive conclusion for the issues before this country today."

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, isn't warming up to the Democrats demands. Instead he's endorsing a proposal already on the table from Senator Susan Collins. He said in a statement it has the support of Democrats and Republicans.  The Collins plan funds the government at its current levels for six months and raises the debt limit through the end of January.