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Nicollet Upholstery Company Needs a Larger Factory

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MANKATO, Minn. -

A Nicollet business has outgrown its walls andis now moving to New Ulm.

United Commercial Upholstery is a light manufacturing plantthat creates seats and components for buyers has opted to move to a newlocation. Currently with its 18 employees, the new space allows for greaterproduction and should bring increased revenue to southern Minnesota as more jobsare created.

The new building was purchased 2 weeks ago and thebusiness is expected to be operational within a month. President Phil Vorwerksees the extra space as a large benefit to the company.

Phil Vorwerk says, "I realized we werestarting out every morning by one of our guys spending half–hour to 45 minutesmoving pallets and product down into the parking lot so we had room to workwith inside; and that's where it got down to, 'Okay, we have to dosomething.'"

The new space includes a 20–thousand square footwarehouse and 6 acres of land available for expansion.