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Nicollet Public School's Referendum Vote November 5

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The city of Nicollet has one school that all the town's children pass through.

But with decreasing funding from the state and a decreasing balance in the school's general fund, the school is putting forth a referendum vote to the city's homeowners.

Jennifer Baumgartner, Principal of Nicollet Public School says, "We are seeking an additional $450 per pupil unit."

The school has already implemented a 10% district–wide cut with staff at the facility, and various classes eliminated to scale back the budget. They are asking Nicollet voters to approve a referendum to combat the rising cost of fuel and health insurance costs, and maintain the current curriculum, stymying further cuts.

Baumgartner says, "Well we would be able to not continue to make further cuts which is huge. Its important to be able to keep our class sizes reasonable and maintain the programming that we do have."

For a house with an estimated market value of $100,000, the referendum would increase your taxes by $108 annually, or nine dollars a month.

Farmers and residents with a large acreage of land will NOT have that factored into their taxed rate.

Baumgartner says, "The taxes are calculated on the estimated market value of your home and then for agriculture, it's the homestead plus one acre."

Voting will take place Tuesday, November 5, from 7 AM to 8PM at Nicollet Public School.