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E-Cigarette Use Legal in Mankato (For Now)

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Both of the major issues at tonight's Mankato City Council and EDA meetings were tabled.
But both were packed with new developments and intrigue. 
A lot of action, but none of it official.

The council hinted that they would table the motion to amend the city's tobacco ordinance banning e-cigarettes until the FDA releases their findings on e-cig environmental effects.

The public hearing was tabled.

The news however, is that unlike what had previously been the opinion of city leaders - that the city's tobacco laws banned e-cigs... it in fact does not ban them.

As long as city businesses are ok with it, e-cigs are allowed.

The public hearing has been rescheduled for November 25th.

Prior to the council meeting, an economic development authority tabled a motion that would have the city purchase a more than half million-dollar chunk of land on Power Drive, just south of MTU Onsite Energy.

MTU would get the right of first refusal, meaning they would have first crack at the property when the city put it up for sale.

This left most of the city council members wondering why MTU didn't just buy directly from the landowner, Tim Lidstrom.

From there, the conversation became very vague, with MTU officials saying nothing, not even saying that they would in fact expand their business. Instead Greater Mankato Growth's Jonathan Zierdt and City Manager Pat Hentges saying it would be in the city's interest to hold the property in case they did want to expand.

It was mentioned that MTU had tried to purchase the site previously, but those talks had broken down, and that Lidstrom leases several other properties to MTU which they use in their business plan.