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Fixing Glitches With Affordable Care Act Web site

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President Obama is acknowledging his signature legislation - the affordable care act - got off to a rocky start thanks to problems with the program's web site.

" the web site where people can browse and buy hasn't worked as smoothly as it was supposed to work"

At a Rose Garden ceremony surrounded by American's who have already benefited from the health care law - he promised the enrollment process will get better

The administration announced major changes to the web site. They include an option that directs users to apply by phone and by mail

Consumers will be able to view plans without filling out applications with huge amounts of personal information first.

The White House says nearly half a million Americans filled out applications during the first three weeks of sign-ups, but they won't say how many of them were actually able to enroll.

The botched rollout has been an embarrassment to the white house. Republicans call it ridiculous.

Arizona Sen. John McCain says, "Look it's been a fiasco. Send Air Force One out to Silicon Valley load it up with some smart people, bring them back to Washington and fix this problem."

About 19 million people have visited the web site since the beginning of the month. Supporters say that shows even with all the problems, the interest is there.

White House officials admit there wasn't enough testing done before the rollout. Technology experts have been called in to fix the problems