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Smoke Alarms Alert Neighbor To Call 9-1-1

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Fire damaged a home in Mankato Sunday afternoon. Officials say that fresh batteries in smoke detectors helped keep that damage to a minimum.

Just after one o'clock in the afternoon, a neighbor called to report the sound of smoke alarms coming from the home in the 300 block of Dolph Road. Mankato firefighters arrived and put out the fire within 10 minutes. Fire Commander, Don Lehne, said, "Since the homeowners had just replaced the batteries in the smoke detectors, there's credit to be given to them for that. It was the smoke detectors that alerted the neighbors to the fact that something was going on and that's what precipitated the 9-1-1- call."

The preliminary damage estimate is $5-thousand, mostly from smoke damage, since the flames were contained in the stove area. The official cause of the fire remains under investigation.