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Winnebago Police Chief Set To Retire

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After two stints as Winnebago's police chief, Bob Toland is hanging up his badge for good.

Toland had a successful 32–year career beginning with the military police, later as chief deputy in Faribault County, and chief in Amboy before finally finding his home in Winnebago.

Though the decision must be finalized through the city council, the scheduled retirement date is set for November 30.

Chief Bob Toland says, "I've been a police officer for a lot of year, its what I enjoy doing, its what I've always wanted to do, but there gets to be a time when you need to move on and let someone else take your place and younger people need that opportunity as well."

Toland says he will miss his time on the force, but looks forward to spending time with his four grandchildren and help his father on his farm.