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Senator Klobuchar On Obamacare: "Clearly It Has To Be Fixed"

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NEW ULM, Minn. -

Senator Amy Klobuchar says the public should give the new health care law some more time. 
Visiting the Schell's Brewery to cap off her goal of visiting every county in the state and to talk about lowering the alcohol excise tax for small breweries.
Klobuchar says, "The advantage of places like Schell's and the local breweries we're seeing all across our state is the jobs are here in Minnesota."

She also has high hopes for upcoming farm bill discussions, including the conference committee she is on, which will begin negotiations next week.

Klobuchar says, "We have some disagreements over the nutrition programs, but if there's a will there's a way. And after the chaos of the last few weeks, some of the people who've been messing around have we at least need to get the farm bill done."

As for the Affordable Care Act....

Sen. Klobuchar says, "Clearly it has to be fixed. This is about getting consumers covered, those that otherwise were having trouble affording health care and give them some options, especially small businesses. The problem has been not as much in Minnesota, but in other states, it's been hard to access the information. The President has pledged that he's going to fix it. We've got to take him at his word."